Web Design

Website Creation / Maintenance, E-Commerce Online Stores, Mobile Sites. Social Network Management.

  • Own Internet Domain Obtaining and Configuration - so that your Internet Site may have an address such as: "http://wwww.mycompany.com";
  • Obtaining Internet Site Hosting and Configuration Service - to ensure that your web site is always available 24/24 hours for web browsing;
  • Email Account Creation / Configuration - customized according to your own Internet Domain such as: "info@yourcompany.com";
  • Development / Maintenance of Internet Sites - Whether to promote your business, the services you provide as a self-employed person, advertise the sale of a property thus maximizing the display of your ad;
  • Web Content Production - If you want information, content for your blog, business page on social networks, etc .;
  • Social Network Management - Bringing your business and / or service online on Facebook, Instagram, etc .;
  • Development of Mobile Internet Sites - specific to make access via Smartphone's, Tablets;
  • Ecommerce Online Store Installation, Setup and Customization - Place your store on the Internet, accept orders and maximize your sales through the Web; - (Demo at: http://store.mysite.com);
  • Content Management Systems (CRM) Installation, Configuration, and Customization - useful for publishing multiple articles, classified into multiple categories, and by multiple publishers; - (Demo at: http://portal.lunadelph.com);
  • Online Community Forums Installation, Configuration and Customization - a site for all members to participate and interact in the community whether they are sports groups, gamer's, motard's, etc;
  • Installation, Configuration and Customization of Online Collaboration Platforms - in the context of e-learning, for the creation of Online Courses with subject pages and workgroups;
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) URL Submission - Make the various search engines know the URL of your website for better and faster ranking in their search engine.